Convert Wastewater into a Useful Resource

BioteQ is a water treatment company that applies innovative technologies and
operating expertise to solve challenging water treatment problems, converting
wastewater into a useful resource.

Our commercially proven technologies treat wastewater contaminated with dissolved heavy metals and sulphate, producing saleable by-products and clean water that can be discharged safely to the environment.

BioteQ works with leading companies in the mining and metallurgy industry, oil sands, and power generation sector to:

  • Reduce the environmental liability associated with contaminated wastewater
  • Eliminate the production of waste sludge
  • Save money with lower life cycle costs compared to other water treatment processes
  • Generate revenue from the sale of recovered metals and other by-products
  • Produce high quality treated water that can be sold, recycled, or discharged

BioteQ provides water treatment services tailored to suit customer needs, including process design and engineering, equipment procurement, plant construction, commissioning, operator training, and ongoing operations management.

Contact us to discuss your water treatment alternatives.